Simcoe Building & Masonry Centre’s are ready to get you what you need no matter the size of order with our impressive fleet of delivery trucks but our fleet would not be very impressive if we did not have experienced and professional drivers behind the wheel. We do not use the services of third party logistics providers. Our team of drivers are a key component to providing and executing our high standards of customer service.

We are proud to state that we own the first 72’ Drywall Delivery Boom Tractor Trailer Truck in Ontario


Allowing us to load & deliver large orders for commercial projects or several smaller orders at one time.

truck | Simcoe Masonry Centre
In addition to our Monster Truck we are as equally proud of the full fleet we have which includes:

7 standard Drywall Boom Trucks

For Deliveries of Drywall, Singles, Engineered Lumber, Insulation & Pro Build Docks

4 Hitch Hikers

For Deliveries of Stone, Engineered Lumber, Insulation & Pre Built Docks

6 Block Trucks

For Deliveries of Paving Stone, Foundation Block, Cultured Stone, Shingles & Pre Built Docks

2 Box Trucks

For Deliveries of Kitchens, Bathrooms, Insulation, ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), Flooring & Tiles

Custom Curtain side Truck

For Deliveries of trim, mouldings & interior doors.

Tight Squeeze.

We love to be challenged.


And to accomplish what seems to be the impossible when it comes to deliveries. Whether it is a winding adventurous roadway up North or a tight squeeze deep in the heart of the city our trucks and professional drivers always rise up and manage to make the craziest of deliveries happen! Check out our Downtown Toronto Drywall delivery.

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