Architectural block.

Definition: A building component, such as a block or lintel, made from cast concrete with a facing that resembles natural stone.


Traditionally used for exterior commercial architecture, for over fifty years Simcoe Masonry Centre has provided exceptional quality architectural block for an ever-expanding market.


We produce precision-formed concrete blocks, cured to stringent quality control standards that exceed industry specifications. As an added feature of our architectural units, water repellent compounds are included in the manufacturing process.

Architectural Block concrete brick | Simcoe Masonry Centre
Architectural Block concrete building | Simcoe Masonry Centre
Architectural Bloack brick building | Simcoe Masonry Centre

Our tradition of quality is maintained through the continuous development and application of the very latest technical advancements.


Architectural Block is available in a large variety of colours and rib styles therefore they are not a stock item and manufactured custom for each customer and project. Our experienced staff welcome the opportunity to assist in the early stages of the design of your project. Contact us or pop into our showrooms to view some of the colour & rib styles available.

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